On February 29, at the request of the Councilor for Equality, Feminisms and LGTBI of the Sant Feliu de Llobregat City Council, Mónica Lafuente, Lores López intervened in the municipal plenary session to talk about the moment we are in regarding sexist violence and explain the project Dones Mentores-Emakume Mentoreak mentoring program which is in its third year in the city.
We share with you a brief excerpt of her intervention:

“At the legislative/regulatory level we are much better than twenty years ago. However, we witness with great concern the some longstanding, legitimate rights and guarantees are being questioned. Instead of the celebration of the achievement of equality between men and women, regretfully we are becoming accustomed to daily news about brutal sexist violence and femicides, which denotes social fatigue and the need to rethink what is happening and how we can address these issues better, also and especially at the local level.
“Training and betting on innovative models of social intervention is a path, most importantly to seek social impact on society.”


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