On March 8, International Women’s Day, we participated in the conference organized by the City of Barcelona (Barcelona Activa) “Women who accompany women”.

We participated in the round table “Equal to equal, personal and professional mentoring”, in which we explained what needs the mentoring of Dones Mentores-Emakume Mentoreak covers and how through it sexist violence can be redefined, putting the experience of a woman at the service of another, whom he accompanies on his way out.

It was a very enriching day where we also enjoyed the keynote by Nuria Pérez, writer and creator of the Gabinete de Curiosidades podcast, and a round table on business mentoring applied to women’s entrepreneurship.

Jornada Mujeres que acompañan a mujeres 1

Jornada Mujeres que acompañan a mujeres 2  

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