Dones Mentores

Social Mentoring from a Gender Perspective

Dones Mentores is an innovative program of Social Mentoring From A Gender Perspective, established in Spain in 2017 and twinned with the Danish National Center for Research and Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity (KVINFO Mentornetvaerk) in Copenhagen.

Network of mentors against gender-based violence

We build networks of specially trained mentors to work in areas of social impact. We believe that mentoring is key tool for change, improving the flexibility of assistance response and making it more adaptable to the needs of women. We promote the proven efficacy of mentoring and its sensitivity as an instrument in aiding recovery for at risk or socially vulnerable women.

Training and support for organisations, associations and institutions

We introduce horizontal action as a complement to specialised attention, collaborating with institutions, organisations, associations, services and teams of trained professionals, through a model that harnesses the participation and testimony of survivors of gender-based violence.

We are very proud of our established alliances with transnational organisations and with initiatives such as KVINFO, leaders in Mentoring from a Gender Perspective.

Specialised instruction in mentoring from a gender perspective

We provide training and support to professionals throughout the entire chain of social care for women; women’s information points; women’s municipal and state care services; specialised intervention services; women’s entities and associations.

Assistance: design and implementation of programs to establish networks of mentors

We adapt the response plan to the specific needs and characteristics of social care services for women.

Coverage expansion: a complement to existing assistance programs

We prepare networks of mentors to act in conjunction with the public-private social care network.

We prepare networks of mentors to act in conjunction with the public-private social care network.

We accompany and supervise all mentoring projects adopted by social care services who have opted for the incorporation of this social intervention tool.

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