Dones Mentores is an innovative program of Social Mentoring with a gender perspective, established in Spain since 2017, and sister program of KVINFO Mentornetwork (Denmark’s Danish Centre for Research and Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity).

Social Mentoring

Articulation of the network of mentors

Complements assistance programs

Dones Mentores complements current assistance programs promoting social participation and horizontality. It is aimed at battered women and/or at women in social risk and it offers qualified support in cases of special complexity. Mentees-are assigned a mentor for a specific time.

Selected mentors are survivors with similar experiences or women who, without having suffered violence, have large experience assisting women and have high gender sensitivity. The accompaniment of mentors, once they have been trained in mentoring, is carried out based on a structure, with specific objectives and with the supervision of the coordinating team.

Articulation of networks of mentors and complement of healthcare programs


Public bodies, Institutes for Equality, Centres of Attention and Information to Women, Services of Specialized Intervention, Municipal Social Services, Offices of Attention to Battered Women, Women Associations, NGO’s …

Who benefits from the assistance

  • Battered women and survivors of violence.
  • Migrated women victims of social and gender violence.
  • Young women victims of violence and at social risk of dysfunctional families.

Social, community and gender impact


Strong triple impact, as we collaborate with institutions, associations, organizations, teams and assistance services for women using a methodology that involves survivors in the recovery of women at risk or at social vulnerability. (Please keep reading…)

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