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Lores López


Lores López is a jurist specialized in gender violence and equality. She has experience in gender-impact community work and prevention of male violence against women. She has participated in the development and review of local protocols for the comprehensive approach against sexist violence in the Baix Llobregat, a district next to Barcelona.

In Denmark, she met organizations specialized in care for women in situation of male violence (Danske Kvindesamfund) and refugees (Trampolin Huset). She also contacted the Mentoring with gender perspective program of the Denmark’s knowledge center for gender and equality, KVINFO.

She has participated in forums on gender equality and human rights at local, national and international levels. As a result, she acquired a panoramic view of the most common problems in the gender-based violence field and the multiple approaches to combating it.

In 2017, in association with KVINFO, she created Dones Mentores, a social mentoring program with gender perspective. It is based in community and horizontal projects that involve women and promote social participation. It complements the current assistance programs.

Anna Pérez

Anna Pérez holds a MSc in telecommunications engineering. After several years of experience in this field, she decided to follow her personal interest in the public good and put her expertise in technology at the service of social work.

Anna’s first contact with the program was as a mentor, in a mentorship which took place entirely online due to the Covid pandemic. She then joined Dones Mentores professionally, providing the technological skills that any organisation needs today. With Anna’s backup and support, Dones Mentores aims to launch mentoring projects for women in which information technologies (ICT) play a relevant role. Gender bias in ICT is another aspect of inequality we must address.

Personal contact in mentoring programs is extremely important. However, we must respond to new challenges, such as the social distance imposed by the pandemic, isolated women living in rural areas, and other cases where physical contact is not an option. Current situations force us to rethink our work in many aspects. This is where online mentoring happens to be useful and can help connect like-minded women who live miles away.

Anna is also trained and has professional experience in the audiovisual sector, and has acquired a good knowledge and working experience in public institutions at local level.

Anna joined the Dones Mentores team in 2021.

They accompany us

Beatriz Hernández de Fuhr

Beatriz has 15 years’ practical experience of bringing about change in advocating for empowerment and economic inclusion for women via mentoring, in particular related to migration. Beatriz has a track record of building trust and facilitating effective and lasting cooperation between civil society, women organizations, funders and other stakeholders. An instinctive networker who positions and consolidates projects and organizations, Beatriz designs and drives development, capacity building and partnership strategies resulting in concrete changes in mentoring practices. Lives in Denmark and worked for the Danish Knowledge Center for Gender and Equality (KVINFO) from 2008-2022.

Xavier Prats Monné

Xavier is a pro bono associate at Dones Mentores since January 2023, working on institutional relations and organizational development. He is an advisor to Teach For All, a global non-profit organization whose mission is to expand educational opportunities around the world. He is also advisor of the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris, and of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Xavier is now the president of the committee for Europe of the King Baudoin Foundation in Brussels; for most of his professional career he served at the European Commission, among others as director general for health and food safety, and as director general for education and culture. He holds a degree in anthropology from the Complutensis University of Madrid and a post-graduate degree in European studies from the College of Europe in Bruges.

Dana Machado Paternina

Dana is a social worker with 18 years’ experience and training in fighting against sexist violence. She has been working at Specialized Intervention Service (SIE) of the Baix Llobregat area since its opening in 2006. Before then, she was a reference point for community support in the Municipal Women’s Program of the Hospitalet de Llobregat City Council. Previously she worked in Colombia, on the management and implementation of social strategies for the realization of projects at the Social Housing Department of Cartagena de Indias. Dana holds a postgraduate degree in Social Expertise from the University of Vic. She has collaborated wth Dones Mentores in training and awareness sessions for non-specialized services.

Mercedes Corretge Arrastia

Mercedes holds a degree in Information Sciences, specializing in Visual Thinking and Graphic Recording. She combines her work as a trainer in the Teacher Assistance Centers of the Government of Navarra with her work as a graphic facilitator of various types of content and illustration with “the apple of her eye”. She also does graphic design work. She writes drawings and draws words… she likes to make what is important visible and that is why she collaborates with Dones Mentores, “a love at first sight,” she says, “that has become a passion sustained over time.”

Anaïs Esmerado

Anaïs is the founder and director of Ojalá Projects, a non-profit association that promotes creativity as a tool for social transformation. Its hallmark is community work between higher education students on creative topics, and groups in vulnerable situations, aiming to generate a transformation through action with participatory proposals. Ojalá Projects carries out research on social problems, aiming to make them known and reflect on them in different formats such as audiovisual pieces, talks, articles, conferences and multidisciplinary workshops. Anaïs has collaborated with Dones Mentores since its inception; for this reason, Anais and the Ojalá Projects team participated in the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Dones Mentores.

Mónica Núñez Hernández

Monica is a psychologist, systemic family therapist and art therapist. She is also a trained EMDR therapist qualified to work with trauma and limiting beliefs, and is accredited in positive discipline and individual and group support. Monica believes in the potential of people, as each person is unique and special, as well as in the possibility of change and personal development. She collaborates with Dones Mentores by providing specific psychological support to women mentors who request it as part of the follow-up of their mentorships.

Isabel Pastor González

Isabel is a healthcare psychologist, psychotherapist and external professional supervisor, with a constructivist-systemic and Art-Psychotherapy base training. Isabel has extensive experience in preventing violence in adolescents, eating disorders, refugee women seeking asylum (British Red Cross), working with women in situations of sexist violence (PIAD’s SIE’s and SICAR), and as a consultant for teams at Save the Children. Isabel’s professional approach is integrative, trauma-centred, with a feminist and anti-racist basis. Isabel has been committed to the methodological and community proposal of Dones Mentores since 2017 and collaborates with Dones Mentores in capacity-building for mentors.

Yolanda López García

Yolanda is a geographer and founder of Calma Vital. She accompanies adults in their process of self-knowledge and in their search for personal well-being and self-care. Additionally, as a trainer, in her group workshops she teaches resources and tools for emotional management, creating a safe space between women. Yolanda believes in internal organization as a great power to promote personal autonomy. She combines her great passion with Dones Mentores since she joined as a social mentor in 2020. Yolanda provides training to new mentors to inspire and share ideas about order in mentoring.

Paula Bonelli

Paula is a psychologist. She currently works as an Assistant Psychologist in the Clinical Psychology Service of the Puigvert Foundation (Barceelona). For more than 15 years she has focussed on the prevention and treatment of women and children who have suffered sexist violence and family violence. Paula has participated and presented works related to violence and its effects on adult and child subjectivity and she is a trainer of professionals in this field. Paula collaborates with Dones Mentores by providing training for professionals who work in non-specialized services, particularly to address the psychological effects of sexist violence.

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