My name is Lores and I am a lawyer specialized in gender violence and equality. I have developed a good part of my professional career giving legal advice to battered women as well as to their children in a public center of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The need to implement community actions with a social impact in terms of gender and prevention of sexist violence has allowed me to participate in the design, development, implementation and monitoring of local and supra-local programs in this area. I have also participated in the drafting and revision of local protocols for the integral approach against sexist violence in the region as well as in municipal circuits of sexist violence for more than a decade.


Between 2014 and 2016 I set my residence in Denmark and got in touch with mentoring with a gender perspective. Apart from my collaboration with organizations specialized in the attention to battered women in Copenhagen (Danske Kvindesamfund, www.danskkvindesamfund.dk) and refugee women (Trampolin Huset www.trampolinehouse.dk), I got in touch with Mentoring at KVINFO (www. .kvinfo.dk, Danish Center for research on gender, equality and diversity) and, most especially, with its Mentornetvaerk core program.

I am knowledgeable about women’s rights, their uniqueness and the challenges of working for the eradication of sexist violence and the achievement of effective equality between women and men. Having participated in meetings at a local, national and international level has given me a panoramic view of the most common issues in the field of violence and women’s rights, as well as the multiple approaches to combat them.

Upon my return to Barcelona in September 2016, I decided to explore ways to co-create a Social Mentoring program with a Gender Perspective convinced that it is necessary to complement current assistance programs with community projects that involve society and promote their participation.

“Effective social intervention can not be done without society”


This is the start of Dones Mentores.

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