Women’s Municipal Program – Hospitalet de Llobregat

CAID — Women’s Care and Information Centre

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Year: 2017-2020


In February 2017 we launched the first “Dones Mentores” – a mentoring pilot program in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat. We implemented a satellite program within the Women’s Care and Information Centre, bringing in a wide network of women, extending beyond typical stereotypes and labelling. Our objective was twofold; to recognise the value of the experience of women who have passed through the centre, and to approach the municipal associative network to form an initial group of mentors. Seeking to link all women with gender awareness and sensitivity, not just survivors.
By 2018 we had exceeded objectives, consolidating the program within the framework of the centre.



From victim to survivor. From survivor to mentor.

The CAID Women’s Care and Information Centre, pioneer in state care for women for over 30 years, continues to innovate; with Dones Mentores it has incorporated horizontal action, structuring support networks among women, convinced that no one is better placed to understand gender-based violence than someone who has gone through the same life experience. The accompaniment of survivors is thus conceived as a further step in the process of overcoming violence. Not all mentors will have gone through the same experience as the mentee, but all are uniquely capable of support, with this sensitivity helping to reduce stigmatisation, creating hybrid networks that offer the maximum variety of profiles. All of these women are mentors.


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