Network of women mentors in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona)


Service contract for the management, coordination, execution and evaluation of the Dones Mentores program

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Execution period: project started in 2021. In progress

Consult the project on Sant Feliu’s City Council website at this link


In 2021, we started a project in the municipality of Sant Feliu de Llobregat (pop.: 45.000) in the Barcelona metropolitan area, implemented with the city`s Women’s Information and Care Service (SIAD) in collaboration with the Specialized Intervention Service (SIE) of the same municipality and in co-participation with the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

  The City Council has created a specialized technical position to incorporate the Dones Mentores methodology in the municipal approach to sexist violence. In 2023, Dones Mentores received public recognition for its work and impact from the Governing Council of the local police. This multi-year project already has a network of more than 60 women mentors; it has been extended until end-2025.


The relevance and main added value of the project consists of incorporating elements of personal training that adapt the institution`s intervention model to the person, as opposed to just the person to the model. Our activity focuses on complementing the actions of the municipal intervention and assistance system, through a non-vertical approach, monitoring in the social restitution phase, personalizing care for each woman and identifying new attitudes and forms of violence.


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