Strong triple impact, as we collaborate with institutions, associations, organizations, teams and assistance services for women using a methodology that involves survivors in the recovery of women at risk or at social vulnerability.

We establish alliances with transnational organizations with a long track record of mentoring with a gender perspective (KVINFO)

Institutions, agencies and centers for women:


  • We contribute to make community participation visible through training of women and the creation of groups of mentors.
  • We help to create social collaboration systems sustainable over time, focused on battered women or women in social vulnerability.
  • We improve the quality of assistance to battered women.
  • We inform and train professionals on social mentoring.
  • We complement assistance for women with scarce resources.
  • We vehicle and create networks of and for women willing to make accompaniments within professional assistance teams.

Benefits for women


  • We favor horizontal mentoring relationships based on experience.
  • We train mentors.
  • We offer qualified accompaniment to mentees.
  • We work for effective equality.
  • We work for the eradication of gender violence, gender stereotypes, recognizing double victimization; social and gender.
  • We address new forms of sexist violence (cybercrime).